EP33: Eastern Vs Western medicine, 3D to 4D earth & learning soul lessons with Abigail & Latoya!

October 20, 2021 00:58:25
EP33: Eastern Vs Western medicine, 3D to 4D earth & learning soul lessons with Abigail & Latoya!
Consciously Thriving Podcast
EP33: Eastern Vs Western medicine, 3D to 4D earth & learning soul lessons with Abigail & Latoya!

Oct 20 2021 | 00:58:25


Show Notes

Show Notes:

On this weeks episode we welcome Abigail and Latoya to the podcast!

Abigail is a Shaman, Intuitive guide, medical intuitive and a registered nurse living in Mankato Minnesota. Abigail has been an intuitive all her life but didn’t have the language for it until she was 29 when she started her spiritual awakening. Now, teaching others about their intuitive gifts and caring for people’s souls has become just as much a passion and life purpose as caring for their bodies. Abigail is the founder and owner of Breath of Life LLC, an intuitive  and naturopathic holistic health guidance company that works to bridge the gap between eastern and western medicine and educate people about their own intuition and their ability to heal themselves and live a life that is truly in their highest and greatest good.Breath of Life offers a variety of programs including clarity readings and healings, tarot readings and guided meditation. She also offers educational 1 on 1 mentoring and coaching to teach others what she does as well as holistic health. Latoya is a boy mom, a wife, an educator and a deeply intuitive soul that loves all things metaphysical. She loves sharing what she has learnt from her spirit guides and other spiritual mentors to her community and all who are interested. You can find her on IG at @latoyadoesreadingsllc where I share more about myself and my spiritual journey! 

In this episode we cover: 

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